A Simple Solution to a Perennial Problem: What is ALex and Why?

by Warren Edrick G. Chu · March 1, 2021

I remember one time I needed to consult a lawyer about something and so I went to Google, everyone’s go-to site for virtually all needs. The search results showed some names but surprisingly, no addresses, no contact numbers, and no information about the lawyers such as what fields of law they practice were included. What I thought would be a few minutes’ worth of searching turned into hours and I gave up. And so I picked one off the list, called up the local IBP chapter and was given landmarks as to where the office ‘might’ be. “Not even a specific address?” I questioned silently. I went to the area and spent an additional half day walking back and forth through this building. No one else in the area knew where the law office was located. Eventually, I found it deep inside this building and hidden in an obscured and dark location. Overall, the entire process took me a day and that was just for a simple matter. I can only imagine how costly it is for those who have more urgent concerns which require immediate help from a legal professional!

The difficulty of searching for lawyers is a perennial problem. 😫 It is one that a lot of business owners, startup founders, employees, and other individuals encounter when they need help the most. Some just suck it up and move on while others just give up and avoid seeking help. Some are forced to take more drastic measures such as Tricia Adolfo, our new addition to the team, who hired her own law professor because she could not find a good Property lawyer for a land dispute with her neighbor (hiring your own law professor is actually harder than it sounds especially when your grades might depend on how he/she responds to it). A lot of others have nodded in agreement when I shared how hard it is to look for lawyers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified this problem. Lockdown measures have made it almost impossible to explore outside and go searching for lawyers. In June of 2020 alone, there were 33,000 new business registrations. That’s 33,000 individuals who launched their businesses after going through all the bureaucracy and the pain-staking process of figuring out what forms to fill up, what the process really is, or going back and forth a government office due to lacking requirements. I would posit that more than half of them went through all the blood, sweat, and tears just to launch their businesses even without any professional and legal help. But hey, some other forms of help exist, right? (Believe it or not, fixers still exist even when signboards outside government offices clearly say “Fixers are not allowed.”)

But what if this problem does not have to exist further? 🤔 What if you are able to start focusing on what truly matters – launching your startup, getting your compliance requirements fulfilled, giving the right benefits to your employees, settling that long-time dispute with your neighbor, landing that life-changing deal with a client, or even signing a huge contract with a big company?

ALex reduces the search process down to a matter of minutes. ⏰ It is an online directory of lawyers which allows you to filter their searches based on their concern and location (check it out at alexlegal.ph). Through this, we are able to show you a list of lawyers who cater to their specific concerns or legal problems. You can then browse through the initial list and select one. This leads you to the lawyer’s individual profile which contains more information such as his/her notable works, work affiliations, and educational background.

After you have decided that this lawyer is the one, we make it easy for you to reach out to him/her through a “Contact” button found in the profile. We understand that directly reaching out to lawyers can be intimidating or scary which is why we facilitate the initial communication by allowing you to submit an appointment request through our platform. You can brief the lawyer beforehand by indicating a short description or summary of your concern and let him/her know your preferred schedule to meet up (you can coordinate with your lawyer whether you’re going to meet in person or online). Your chosen lawyer will reach out to you through your provided contact information and you can go straight to discussing how your concern can be solved.

And that’s ALex, so far! The entire Alex team is working really hard to ensure that we fulfill our mission to make legal services more accessible to the people. We believe that by making it easy for you to search for lawyers, we move towards the right direction. This is just the beginning and we’d love to take you on this journey with us. If you want to reach out to us, feel free to do so through warren@alexlegal.ph. Let’s have a chat, whether you want to share feedback, ideas, or simply just want to say hello! 👋

About the Author:

Warren is a sophomore law student at the University of the Philippines College of Law. He took up BS Legal Management at the Ateneo de Manila University and graduated last 2019. Currently, he is the CEO and a co-founder of ALex Legal Solutions. He has a wide range of hobbies such as cooking, baking, singing, playing the guitar, making pizza, and is now highly interested in mastering the art of brewing coffee.

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